Sunday, August 30, 2009


T____T Mid sem break finish so soon. I'm not willing to go back. My works not completely done! SOB............... Bye again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome Friday!

Hi hi! I'm here again. I update my blog once a while due to the hectic lifestyle and the lack of topic to be written. I'm still fine here, I mean still healthy. I know H1N1 is getting very serious now, as well as my school, there are also few people are suspected of H1N1 infection. Well, I don't know. Duh, Wednesday ends up finally. Half of a week is past. Haha! I'm mentally stress nowadays especially during first three weekdays. I still can't catch up with Physics. I'm not smart (noob) in understanding. I'm always the blur and the dumb one =.= Opss....Tomorrow is Thursday again. The hard day for me, maybe for us. Classes end at 6.00 pm. Sigh. Seems like more suffering compared to STPM. Art works are the headache maker of mine! We did something unique (perhaps) this week. O.o Next title of "Mask" will be posted. Thursday is tiring, is tiring! Hope it is the "lifebrief candle". Past in blink, past in a blink, then we may be a little bit relax. Dream if tomorrow can be skipped and come to Friday directly. Why Friday? Not weekend. Is sem-break! Somehow, it will be scheduled with lotsa of works. At least, I can come to a rest after I'd been 'losing' my home for three weeks. I didn't go home for 3 weeks! Unbelievable~ And finally... I will be back soon.

Friday, you are the most welcomed!
Friday, I love you!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Formal ( I'm the standing middle girl)

ALUK 7B 2009 ( I Believe I Can Fly instead of Fulamak)

Peace peace peace

I love you, you love me, we are happy family

C'mon posing!

Happy happy!!

Here We Are!

I have been in INTEC nearly two months. Getting well along with all my classmates. I will have the same classmates for two years. No different course mates of courses. All of us are taking architecture in the future and is in UK by the way.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What the hell happened today?

Tuesday, a better day among week days. I'm please that I can sleep a bit later as the class on this day start at 10.00 am. Was going to campus around 8.30 am. Yay, quite early. No choice, we still can't estimate the campus buses' schedule. After entering the class, we found one of the air-con was not functioning. Haha, no matter how hard my classmates tried to press the switch. It was not in function. Well, it was still fine before noon. When the noon approached, the whether was being hotter. Felt sleepy and tired. Haiz... Fortunately, our lecturer let off us early at 3.00pm. Nice right? I was totally exhausted today. Perhaps the whether was the main factor. Ok, went back to hostel after that of course. We were resting under the fan in living room. I was thinking to make "soap water" for clothes washing, so I washed my pail. And....WHAT THE HELL?! No water flows out from water tap in the kitchen. I tried to check the water tap in bathroom. One drop, two drops... countable drops then stop. No water. Then I decided to go to the opposite empty hostel to have a look. Once I opened the door, I heard Ameelia shouted Aqliah from up stair, I went half of the stair cases, wanted to ask whether there was water. But she told me first. Meant whole block ran out of water...? Asked Hui Jun then, there was water came out in one water tap. And she told me Cemara was the same situation. Oh my god! No water? How? I want to bath! I want to bath! I want to bath.............. Is there any place for me to bath now?

Today is a bad day - no air-con, no water, money used up. The worst is the second one! Even I can't wash my hand. Only used sanitizer :(

Friday, July 31, 2009


Sigh....My holidays end soon! I have to go back to hostel soon. The hectic school life is going to start again. Ishhhh! I enjoyed and rested in this holidays. I did nothing other than online. I did not do any revision. I AM A LAZY BUM! Heal me Heal me!

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